An Exclusive Members Only BDSM Play Club





“Deviant minds indulging their deepest desires”


Decadence X is not a fetish club it is a BDSM play club with people that happen to be fetishists.
Rather than the emphasis being on what you wear or the DJ is we bring you small parties at intimate venues furnished for the sole purpose for your ultimate play sessions.

“Xclusive, Xtreme, Xtraordinary”

DecadenceX venues will vary in capacity depending on what fabulous places we find for you, ranging from 70 people up to 150 but wherever we find we will ensure that it is amazingly spacious and of course has a very well equipped dungeon with an exceptional array of bespoke equipment.
 Additionally to what the venue brings to an event, the DecadenceX brings services and extraordinary
 BDSM shows that set it apart from any other club.
There are slaves, on hand at entry to take your coats and bagsand also to provide you a tour of the venue.
Our event caters for all experience levels from newbie’s to experienced or extreme players
but whatever your level of experience we have staff available to give advice
on nearly every possible fetish and aspect of BDSM.
We are mostly only a couples and single woman only event however single males may become members but must be accompanied by at least 1 female on the night


.We want these events to cater to all our Decadence visitors so we appreciate your support and feedback so we can continue to provide amazing events that you deserve!


We welcome new members there are a number of ways to become a member.

you need to attend a event with a member of decadence x

Or be invited by a member of decadence x crew.

or Email us at telling us a bit about yourself

Couples can just buy a non member tickets and just turn up on the night.